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President’s Message

Prof A Manjula Attygalla

Prof A Manjula Attygalla


Dear Members of the Kandy Society of Medicine,
I consider it as an honor and a privilege to be appointed as the president of the Kandy Society of Medicine (the KSM) which is one of the oldest and largest medical associations in the country, for the year 2021 -22.

I would like to congratulate all the past presidents, the councils, and all the members of the KSM for their efforts in lifting the KSM to its current status.

Our theme this year is Guiding the Society through Science in managing non-communicable diseases. I think it is a timely topic and relevant to our country as NCDs are a growing problem causing much chaos socially and financially. This theme will allow us to reach almost all the objectives of the KSM while allowing to reach the community in a big way in a multidisciplinary manner. Further with this theme we could reach almost all strata of the society irrespective of age, gender, cast or creed.

Further we hope to touch upon the aspect of medical education and development of soft skills among the medical and dental professionals this year.

We will continue with the traditional academic activities of the KSM without any compromise and in this endeavor, we will be collaborating with the other regional and national colleges and associations.

Another mammoth task in front of the new committee will be the KSM Building project. We hope to identify an achievable goal for this year and make sure to complete that aspect.

Unfortunately, we had to face the third wave of the Covid 19 pandemic as soon as we took the office. As the apex medical association in the central hills , KSM took the challenge in the fight against COVID-19, especially in the Kandy district. KSM joined hands with the responsible social individuals and groups including clergy, other professional bodies and sectors towards fulfilling this responsibility.

Thank you very much

Prof Manjula Attygalla

The Kandy Society of Medicine